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EAI Learning is a boutique instructional design and development organization with a production team in the suburbs of Chicago. At EAI Learning you work with the Skillset of a Team and benefit from their creativity and technical expertise. Partner with EAI Learning and work with a TEAM for less than the cost of one consultant. We can create a variety of lessons for any number of platforms to fit your business goals and strategy.


At EAI Learning, your needs, and therefore your success, are our highest priority. We strive to create novel, effective media that fulfills your professional criteria and enables and empowers your learners.

Create interesting courses or convert existing materials incorporating audio, video, and interactivity. We recommend creating an active learning experience, where the learner must engage the lesson to get the information. Deliver from several devices: desktops, iPads, tablets, and mobile devices. 

We work with businesses and their subject matter experts around the globe developing training and core curriculum from concept to implementation across industries.


EAI Learning offers a wide variety of custom-tailored eLearning solutions, ranging from personal consulting services to eLearning created through the utilization of a number of mainstream programs.

Consider us an extension of your training department. If you have an increased workload and need to expand your staff, but have a limited budget, consider an “Instructional Design Contract” and partner with EAI Learning. The more time you commit to, the bigger the savings.

Our development of eLearning courses focus on engaging the learner through interactive training to create an environment for the learner to be actively involved in the learning experience.

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A custom multimedia experience from EAI Learning can address the needs of your business, including employee training, customer training and customized product training. 

Flat Rate Pricing – Interactive eLearning

Contract Vendor Relationships – An extension to your training department 

Low Cost Rapid Conversion – Level One eLearning 7-10 day turnaround 

Onsite Contractor – If you need on-site support, add a junior instructional designer with a support team of senior level instructional designers at our facility for less than the price of one consultant. 

Work with a TEAM for less than the cost of one consultant.

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