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EAI Learning is instructional design and development organization with a production team based out of Elgin, Illinois, a Chicago suburb. At EAI Learning, you work with the Skillset of a Team to gain the benefits of their creativity and technical expertise. Partner with EAI Learning to work with the TEAM for less than the cost of one consultant. We are capable of creating a variety of lessons and modules for any number of platforms to fit your business goals and strategy. We have experience and own licenses for many softwares: Captivate, Illustrator, Photoshop, Camtasia, InDesign, Articulate Presenter and Storyline.


EAI Learning uses expertise in instructional design and our expanded tool set to create highly interactive lessons that really engage the learner. Many courses are passive, like hitting "PLAY" on a movie. The course content plays while the learner works on email, or other things (the ultimate multitasking experience). We recommend creating an active learning experience, where the learner must engage the lesson to get the information. This is a departure from what many organizations are doing, but it is the foundation of effective learning. We can also offer content hosting on our Learning Management System (LMS), or on your own dedicated site.


A custom multimedia experience from EAI Learning can address the needs of your business, including employee training, customer training and customized marketing materials. 


We understand that cost is important to organizations, and one of our main focuses is to provide affordable training that builds employee confidence. Organizations that invest in our training not only provide the tools necessary to build skills and knowledge for their employees, but also allow for a greater degree of growth and development for their workers and customers. Our goal is to help you improve the on-the-job performance of your employees and assist them in mastering knowledge retention strategies.


Advantages for using eLearning programs include:


  • Convenience—train anytime, anywhere

  • Improved efficiency—instructional consistency and thorough training

  • Reach a large audience regardless of location

  • Reduce travel costs for learners

  • Reduce scheduling conflicts: Learners access training courses when it is convenient for them

  • Enables learners to work at their own pace

  • Removes instructors time and cost

  • Consistent training and instruction 

  • Improves compliance requirements

  • Interactive eLearning simulations enables the users to learn by “doing” and “practicing” the tasks they need to learn

  • Valuable learning experience in interactive situations


Instructional Design


EAI can provide training when and where you need it, bringing the training environment to life through effective, efficient, and quality activities for the adult learner.


EAI develops custom eLearning programs that capture vital knowledge from subject matter experts and transfers it to those who need it most. Our instructional design approach focuses on engaging the learner through interactive training, creating an environment for the learner to be actively involved in the learning experience and participate at their convenience.


Most competitor courses are designed using a linear format with only back-and-forth navigation, which limits the learning experience. However, techniques like branching, a non-linear navigation structure, allow the user to select an object and directly access information in another area; or, depending upon an answer given, direct the learner to appropriate feedback. Whenever possible, EAI uses interactive techniques to enhance the learning experience and improve the transfer of knowledge, adding a greater degree of value and quality to media.


EAI - Instructional Design Process Phases:


Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation, Ongoing Improvement


Process Phase 1





  • The learning problem

  • The audience and their characteristics

  • Existing knowledge base

  • Gap (difference between current state to desired state)

  • Delivery options and timeline


Process Phase 2

Design – Output: Design Document


We will work with your subject matter experts and furnish a Design Document that outlines how the course will be developed, including:


  • Establish goals and objectives

  • Structure and sequence of learning objectives

  • Determine the best instructional method

  • Determine assessment criteria

  • Outline instructional content


Process Phase 3

Development – Output: Completed Course


In this phase:


  • The learning materials are created based on the Design Document

  • Storyboards are created and content is written

  • Graphics, interactivity, animation and audio scripts are designed

  • For eLearning - Programming work is developed and/or integrated


Process Phase 4

Implementation and Evaluation


During the implementation phase:


  • A plan is put in place and a procedure is developed to train the trainer and learner

  • Materials are delivered or distributed to the students

  • For eLearning, the materials are made available and provide communications and instructions on how to register and take the course.


During the Evaluation and Measurement phase:


  • Measure learner’s reaction to course using Level 1-Reaction evaluation

  • Determine course effectiveness by measuring learner’s understanding using a Level 2-Learning evaluation


Process Phase 5

Ongoing Improvement


After the implementation phase:


  • Feedback from course evaluations is used to correct and improve training materials.


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