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Training Solutions

We work with clients across various industries providing team leadership and expertise to help identify their needs and recommend effective learning solutions. We have successfully managed several projects.The following eLearning samples can be deployed from a basic website or SCORM/AICC compliant learning management system (LMS). 



Fish DNA

This is a short sample of an interactive "Fish DNA Testing" lesson displaying on iPads for children at the "Crime Museum" in Washington, DC. The lesson was designed for children to explore the world of fish DNA testing and how it is used to determine if a product is legitimate or fake.

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Fish DNA.png

Sample of a blended training solution for the International Association for Continuing Education and Training 

supporting the release of the ANSI/IACET 1-2013 Standard. Analysis indicated that an excessive demand was being placed on the learners in the current course due to the large amount of material that needed to be covered in one day workshop. 

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Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 9.27.48 PM.png
Barbri Law

Worked with Law Subject Matter Experts to develop courses and interactivity for students to learn about the court systems in the U.S.—both at the federal level and at the state level. The lessons prepared and familiarized the students with lawyering fundamentals. This helped students acclimate to new course materials, teaching methods, and study habits.

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Healthcare Samples

Risk Management

Training to ensure risk management processes are compliant with international standards related to healthcare products.

Medical Devices

Training for manufacturers and designers to look to the regulatory requirements and standards that help define the potential risks and ways to mitigate them. 


Webinar conversions to create interactive eLearning courses for a nationally recognized provider of continuing education for healthcare professionals. 

Healthcare Managers

Training healthcare managers how to read and interpret the data presented, how staffing levels were utilized over a period of time; helping managers understand staffing requirements based on current patient load and how to accurately estimate staffing requirements in the future. 

Perinatal Software

Product development of online training working with clinical subject matter experts to create eLearning for 8 versions of the software. 

Healthcare Devices

Online training about the harmonized standards for biocompatibility recognized by most regulatory bodies and the differences in testing requirements for different types of devices. 

Philips 2
Presence Health
proce 2

Technical Samples


Engineering training on the appropriate use of documentation supporting a safety mark certification program.

National Glass Association

Online training for glazing industry courses, covering terminology, tools, safety, system types, shop fabrication and system installation. 

Mark Certification

Online courses for engineers using SOPs on a daily basis that provide the guidance necessary to conduct their tasks in a timely and efficient manner. 

HVAC Technicians

Online training to prepare field technicians how to troubleshoot, isolate, and document HVAC failures, and accurately characterize failures that can be attributed to lightning strike or externally caused electrical surge damage.  


Online training to complete the trouble-free installation of AFCI Circuit Breakers and what should be done in the unlikely event that unwanted tripping should occur. Teaching proper installation forming fewer electrical fires started as a result of low level arcing; this means greater safety for those who live in the homes that you wire.  

Nema x.png

IIPCIC Law Enforcement Samples


The International IP Crime Investigator’s College reinforces the worldwide leadership role of Intellectual Property Crime in overcoming difficulties associated with combating these well-organized criminal organizations and disrupting highly profitable and, sometimes, fatal activities. 

We worked with UL, INTERPOL, and law enforcement SMEs globally to design 27 modules aimed to provide global law enforcement with the knowledge to confidently approach the investigation of Intellectual Property Crime. 

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Additional Samples

Animated, Games and Education
Allstate 2
Trivia Minning
a Safety Smart
Bill Nye
Middle School
Middle School 2
Customer Service

Built a simulation to practice adding items to a customer’s order and common problems that employees will face during a transaction and new register software features.


Online training to help vendors and retailers better succeed; educating through various ways in getting products to consumers at all points of purchase. 


Online training for scrum, a part of a larger methodology called Agile. Agile is a way of building things and approaching complex problems that emphasizes team collaboration, open communication, and continuous improvement. 

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Food Safety
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