Custom eLearning Creation


In order to allow for proper planning and budgeting for your eLearning project, EAI Learning can perform all work based on scope with fixed pricing. Products are developed and priced based on an hour of content including professional narration, video, and digital images. Our clients can leverage these advantages to efficiently and effectively offer training to distant populations of employees or customers.


The eLearning Advantage

The proliferation of personal computers and internet connectivity has made your company and products available to your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This allows you to provide just-in-time solutions when and where your customer needs them. Although face-to-face, hands-on training has been the standard for many years, it is not necessary for all situations. Web based eLearning provides the advantage of consistent delivery every time. Once developed, most programs can be delivered with unlimited usage as long as the product information remains correct; this allows you to continue to provide support for discontinued products long into the future for a single up-front cost: the value is practically endless.


Affordable eLearning & Media

  • Reach a larger audience, regardless of location

  • Enable learners to work at their own pace

  • Convenience—train anytime, anywhere

  • Reduce travel costs for learners

  • Remove instructor time and costs

  • Consistent training delivery


Flat Rate Pricing

As mentioned, in order to facilitate planning and budgeting for your eLearning project, EAI Learning can perform all work based on scope with flat rate pricing. These products are developed based on an hour of content including professional narration, video, and digital images. Pricing is based on up to one hour of content estimated at approximately 50 slides, 7000 words of narration, and provided video.


Additional vendor relationships are also available; see “Flexible Pricing Options” section below. 


Software Used

We have experience and own licenses for the following software: Captivate, Illustrator, Photoshop, Camtasia, InDesign, Articulate Presenter and Storyline.

Learning Management System


EAI Learning offers content hosting on our Learning Management System (LMS) or on your own dedicated site. Bring features like student enrollment, course completion, and exam tracking to your training program through the use of our LMS services. 


If you need to track training activities for legal compliance but do not have the server infrastructure to do so, we can host your content on our LMS. Content hosted on an LMS system allows you to track completion dates and assessment scores to monitor performance

and compliance for CEU seekers and other learners.


Contact us for more details.

Product Training


When customers have a clear understanding of your products and services, they can realize their true value. If your customers improperly use your product, it can lead to malfunction and frustration that can generate unnecessary support calls -which means greater cost to you. This dissatisfaction is linked NOT to your product, but to poor performance due to improper usage. A properly trained customer is a happy customer! Equally important are your employees that caretake these customer support calls. They must be perceived as an expert by your customers: the same training can be used to ensure that they are.

Courseware Conversion


EAI Learning offers affordable and timely conversions of Instructor Led Training (ILT), paper-based, or dated online courses to eLearning for local (CD-ROM), web-based, or LMS delivery.

Mobile Device Compatability


If your employees travel and require flexible, accessible learning, EAI Learning can provide distance learning solutions that run on most Android and iOS devices, including the Apple iPad. Visit the Samples page on your mobile device to gain access to an excerpt from one of our mobile eLearning modules.



Our multimedia products can be delivered from your website, a learning management system (LMS), or local network drive. In most cases, a solution provided by EAI Learning can be delivered directly from your current website to your customers without additional hosting costs or server side software. If you do not have a web presence, we can host your content from our website or LMS at reasonable and competitive rates. Finally, fully packaged versions of the content can be published to CD-ROM for distribution and local delivery.

Flexible Pricing Options 


In addition to our "Flat Rate Pricing" mentioned above, we also have the following options available:


Vendor Relationship: If you have an increased workload and need to expand your staff but have a limited budget, consider an “Instructional Design Contract” and partner with EAI Learning at a modest cost. We can provide instructonal design support. Sign up for specific amount of hours; we have several options available to suit your needs. 


Traditional Contractor: An Instructional Designer is also available at an hourly rate. 

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